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Example Backend Systems

List of backend system examples and technical components used when building distributed applications.

Status: work in progress | Last updated: 8 Mar 2024

Section 1: List of Ideas

List of example backend system ideas

Here are some of the microservices examples I listed so far.

  • Instant Messaging System.
  • Video Streaming System.
  • Cloud-based File Storage System.
  • Digital Wallet System.
  • Ride Hailing System.
  • Automated Vehicle Rental System.

More information

Below, you can find more detailed information on some of these systems.

List of technical components

  • Distributed task scheduler.
  • Distributed mutex lock.
  • Shared counter.
  • Distributed text search.
  • Distributed cache.
  • Distributed messaging queue.
  • Pub-sub.
  • Blob store.
  • Rate limiter.

Section 2: High-level System Design Details

Digital Wallet System

High-level features:

  • Create an account.
  • Top up money to your wallet.
  • Transfer money from your wallet.
    • Wallet to Wallet.
    • Wallet to Bank.